Welcome to The Cult of the Lemon Wiki!Edit

The Cult of the Lemon Wiki is an informative place about the happenings and members of TCotL. TCotL can be found here.

How to Work the WikiEdit

Hey guys, this is MK, here to give you a brief guide on how to appropriately use the wiki! Hooray, three cheers for me.

Alright then.

The rules for editing the Wiki are simple.

  1. Don't be a dick. (this includes inappropriate slander, stupid folly and inexcusable stupidity. essentially, don't farksnarkle shit up, it's rude.)
  1. Don't be a braggart. (you'll look like a dick. (see rule 1.))
  1. Feel free to edit pages! (This is the entire reason it's a wiki. if you couldn't edit pages, then what'd be the point?)
  1. Create pages! (We need content.)
  1. Keep things orderly and neat. (that way it's not so out of whack that nobody can understand it ever.)

See? Simple. Just follow the rules and you'll be fine.


Latest activityEdit

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